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Discover the many virtues of stylish Bushido 

A visit to the beautiful Bushido Restaurant in Los Cristianos is not only a hugely pleasurable experience, it’s also an education!

It starts with revelations about “Bushido”, the philosophy of the Samurai which includes honour, dignity, respect and compassion, and ends with the hope that customers leave with a smile on their face.

Inbetween, you can “travel” the globe and enjoy the tastes of many countries, such as Mexico, Greece, Spain, the Lebanen and, of course, Japan which is the main focus of the restaurant’s exquisite cuisine (and hence the chopsticks waiting for you on the table if you so choose!)

The impressive menu – which, for the traditionalist, even features the good old-fashioned burger (with a few twists) – tells you about the various produce and names of the dishes and you go away happy in the knowledge that you know a little more about the world of gastronomy.

It also means that everyone can enjoy Bushido, regardless of whether you are adventurous in what you eat or prefer to stick with what you know.

Choosing what to order in the first place is a different matter, however, as is the decision about where to sit. This is probably the first thing to strike you as you walk into the Bushido premises. There are lots of different seating areas, both inside and out, under covered terraces, canopies, sails or gazebos, in the main restaurant itself or its adjacent conservatory.

The lay-out is absolutely stunning, predominantly in black, white and red with beautiful tableware, plants, lanterns, fairy lights twisted around the trees, comfy sofas and coffee tables, trickling water, rattan tables and chairs, candles, cushions and intimate coloured lighting.

At the end of the more informal terrace, there is a large totally enclosed chil-dren’s adventure play area so parents can sit nearby and still enjoy a drink and something to eat. It is away from the main restaurant area so other diners are politely not disturbed.

We chose a lovely table midway between the two and were told by our waiter, Nacho that the sunsets from this position were stunning. We will return to see for ourselves in due course.

Earlier, owner Rita, who is res-ponsible for the gorgeous interior design and decor, showed us down to the jazz club under the restaurant where you will find live acts from 11.45pm to 1am each Friday and Saturday.

Back upstairs, we enjoyed soft background music as we perused the menu and decided that eminent chef, Gonzalo Tamames could send out a taster of some starters for us. We had expected small portions but this was not the case and have to confess, we definitely over-indulged before the main courses arrived!

However, temptations such as “Beef Carpaccio with Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce” (6.50 euros) and “Cebiche” Marinated Local Fish with Lime & Soya (12 euros) were just too hard to resist and we both thought the “Humus with Arabic Bread & Sesame” (5.70 euros) was the best we had ever tasted.

The menu is hugely extensive and you can visit Bushido time and time again without exhausting the options. There is also a very affordable lunchtime menu for ten or 15 euros each day with very unusual dishes.

As well as the variety of the dishes, you can tailor your visit to suit your budget and sharing is a great idea.

The food is wonderfully fresh and as you would expect, presented in a truly artistic way. The key word emphasised here is “natural” and you do feel that you never want to eat stodge again after tasting such delights as “Tuna Sukiyaki with Wakame Seaweed Salad & Spring Onion” (nine euros), “Crispy Kellogs coated Chicken Balls with Apple Purée & Tare Sauce” (12 euros) or the Japanese-Canarian Fusion of “Traditionally Hand-Carved Squid with Green Mojo” (12 euros).

The Bushido menu is a delight in itself as it tells you about the various Japanese dishes. These include Sashimi made with exquisite cuts of fish, Usuzukuri, Tartars, Nigiri, Maki sushi and Futo Makis, Hosomakis, Temaki and Tempura. In the case of the latter, we enjoyed a selection of fresh vegetables which had been lightly cooked in Japanese batter made simply with flour and iced water. This gives them a coated sheen which is ultra light and totally preserves the flavour of the green beans, onions, cauliflower, peppers etc.

Each part of the menu gives a description and you can mix and match as you want, either choosing a main course of meat or fish or perhaps a taster menu for one or two or smaller dishes from the sushi selection, perhaps seaweed rolls or hand-filled cones filled with rice and other fabulous ingredients like fried quails eggs, sweet pumpkin and salmon tartar.

My partner “went safe” with the “Classic Burger” with Cheese & Crispy Bacon, Sauté Onions, Lettuce, Tomato & French fries (nine euros) despite being very tempted by “Gourmet Fillet Steak with Mushroom Teriyiaki and Caramelised Onions” (22 euros) but I decided to be more adventurous with “Ebi Tempura” with half a dozen wild king prawns (18 euros). Both were superb.

Despite being full to the brim, we were persuaded to taste a selection of desserts in miniature and can highly recommend the “Sake Infused Strawberries with Mango Ice Cream” (six euros) and “Chocolate Pleasure for 2 people – (Three Colour Chocolate Mousse, Cinnamon & Chocolate Cream, Liquorice Truf?e & Brownie) for 12 euros.

After your meal, you can move to one of the comfy sofas for coffee and a liquor to plan your next visit!

This is a beautiful place to have a celebration or a wedding and Bushido will happily help you plan it.

The restaurant is just a short taxi or car ride away from the Apolo Centre (with the shopping centre on your right, go up the road and turn left at the first little roundabout by the Language School. Continue round this back road and you will find Bushido on the right….if you pass the new padel centre, you have gone).


Vista Hermosa 4, Ctra. General, Los Cristianos

Tel. 922 719 705

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Thursday: 13:00 -16:00 & 19.00 – 23.00

Friday – Saturday: 13:00 – 16:00 & 19:00 – 24:00

Sunday & Monday – Closed.