|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Bank scam warning 

Dear Editor

Just to inform all your readers about a distressing incident in connection with a bank account.

The bank account holder has two accounts – one in Bancopopular and the other in Santander in Tenerife south and recently had a harrowing experience.

On checking their account today on line, within the first hour of banking, three withdrawals had been made without his knowedge.

The bank told him the withdrawals had been made from the Valladolid branch of the peninsula at Bancopopular, even though he was in Tenerife.

On investigation, it transpired that someone had forged his residency card and withdrawn three different amounts of money using a bogus photo and the rest of the details of this innocent account holder.

Having reported the matter to the police, he later got another shock because his Sabadel account had also been defrauded, this time with a very big amount and again from the Valladolid branch using the same method.

Please be aware that this scam is in progress and that residency cards are being forged and photos replaced.

Small amounts were extracted from bank, leading to a bigger amount from another.

This account holder is unable to understand how this forged card hapened with fake signature and how it appears to have got past bank officials. It seems no one questioned the authenticity so it begs the quetion: Just how safe are our banks?

Name and address supplied