|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Stand up and be counted 

I am a resident of Callao Salvaje and even though there has been a clean up campaign done by Adeje council, it hasnt made any difference to the irresponsible dog owners letting their dogs use the pavements and the walkways as a toilet.

We live near the walk-way onto the barranco going down to the beach and it’s a case of dodge the dog …. .Posters were put up near the beach bar but now have either been took down or blown away. 

We have the same regular people coming in their cars with their dogs taking them onto the barranco walkway letting their dogs foul then getting back in their cars and driving off.

We have written to Adeje council again months ago and made sugges-tions such as a dog warden, doggy bins, or insuing fines, but not had a reply. There needs to be something done about this and if enough people stand up and be counted then surely something will get done. It will make Tenerife a much cleaner place to live and to visit.

 Callao Salvaje resident