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Try a touch of “picoteo” at El Calderito de La Abuela 

Wine and dine fans will know only too well that when you go out to a lovely restaurant and ponder the menu, it’s virtually impossible to decide what to have and you often change your mind several times over.

Why not try a touch of “picoteo”, the Spanish-style of eating where, as the name suggests, you pick a selection of dishes and share with your companions.

This is what we did when we returned to one of our favourite haunts, the delightful “El Calderito de la Abuela” in Santa Ursula.

This is already an award-winning restaurant and it’s not surprising that this year, it has again scooped a TripAdvisor accolade.

Though from the outside you might easily pass by it, the inside is full of charm and character and there is an incredible view of La Orotava valley below. “A gem” is how it is described.

Here you will find great service, attention to detail and excellent food and wine.

As co-proprietor Mario Xavier Torres Núñez says:

“We strive to give our customers a memorable experience.”

“El Calderito de la Abuela” is based on strong family traditions stretching back 80 years, as well as culinary treasures. The restaurant’s charm is unique and homely and it is proud to have a history of almost four generations of restaurateurs.

The restaurant combines traditional Canary cuisine with modern creativity, producing dishes which are great in flavour. You can savour various textures and flavours with produce and wine from the region.

It goes without saying that only fresh ingredients are used and there is a full menu, as well as daily specials.

Going along with our “picoteo” theme, we started with a delicious home-made gazpacho, really fresh and with a touch of olive oil on the top and avocado.

Next we had a salad which had a great variety of ingredients: different types of lettuce, tomato, egg, bread croutons, potatoes and sardines. All the ingredients were mixed up well with a slight touch of sauce.

Then we had “Huevos al Estampido” which is a typical mixture of potatoes, eggs and chorizo. The egg is used when it is still soft so you get a lovely juice and it’s great to enjoy with a bit of bread.

Following this, we had ” Puntas de solomillo al ajillo”, I had never tried such juicy and soft meat, topped with chips. Delicious!

To finish off, there could be nothing better than their home made desserts. We were greedy and each tried a different dessert. My daughter loved her chocolate mousse, one of the best and I had a three milk cake ” Tres leches”, a lovely sponge cake dipped in three milks with a topping of merengue.

The meal was accompanied by a bottle of their own produce wine: Terral, highly recommended.

I really suggest people don’t ask for one plate a head. It is always nicer to order a few dishes and try a bit of them all.

For reservations call 922 30 19 18

Carretera Provincial, 130

Santa Úrsula