|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Rivero says Canaries “fly high” despite Spain 

President of the Canary Government, Paulino Rivero has accused the Spanish government of “passitivity” when it comes to helping the archipelago with increased air connectivity.

He says the Canaries are doing all they can off their own back to see an increase in flights but Spain is not helping matters.

He says the archipelago does not intend to sit around waiting for something to happen and has started to implement a Development Fund which will provide subsidies for certain new routes to airlines which want to take them on.

“The Canaries are flying high,” said Sr. Rivero.

He criticised the Spanish Government’s unwillingness to impose different airport levies depending on individual circumstances and said this was just another example of how Spain was not helping the islands. On top of the oil situation, he warned this could well lead to a “divorce”.

The Canary Government has already implemented phase one of the Development Fund by inviting bids for new routes linking the islands with Germany, France, Italy, the UK and America. It is hoped these will begin for this winter and there will be a second wave of applications for new routes published in September.

The Canary Government will be offering ten million euros of its own money to subside these routes and therefore make them more attractive to airlines.