|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Council tries “pleasant” approach to abandoned cars 

Motorists who abandon their cars in the street are being urged to move them on a voluntary basis or face hefty fines.

Los Realejos council is stepping up monitoring of the situation in order to improve the environment and clean up the streets.

The Mayor, Manuel Domínguez said that in the first instance, owners wouldd be contacted and asked in a pleasant way to co-operate. If so, they would avoid a fine. If not, the removal crane would be called in to take the vehicle away, leaving the owner to pay for this plus a fine and an amount to get the car back.

Sr. Dominguez said the cars were causing a nuisance as they were obviously in a state of neglect.

In the first three weeks of the campaign, the council has managed to make contact in a dozen cases.

The police are responsible for monitoring and providing notification that compulsory action will be taken if there is no co-operation.