|Thursday, December 5, 2019
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Car crash insurance scam: 61 arrests 

Police on the mainland have made 61 arrests after breaking up a network which reaped hundreds of thousands of euros through fraudulent car accident claims.

In some of the cases, the gang sought compensation for people injured in collisions which never occurred in the first place. In others, they would mock up accidents, using old cars and causing the bodywork damage themselves in isolated places away from cameras or passersby.

Their mode of crime also involved paying people small amounts to say they had been the drivers and getting up to 50,000 euros for alleged victims who were actually known to them and who would then share the proceeds.

Of the 61 people arrested, 52 were Spanish, with the rest coming from Ecuador, Colombia, Romania, Lithuania and Paraguay.

It is believed at least 400 frauds were carried out with the gang changing insurance companies on a regular basis and also using hire cars which were then said to have been involved in an accident. Documents would also be falisifed for car repairs etc.

The operation was headed by two people who were among those arrested.