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Tráfico by appointment only 

From the 25th of June 2014 Tráfico will only be dealing with their paperwork by prior appointment. With the system being started here and in the Balearics that means that all 66 Tráfico offices now only deal with people by appointment, something that has not been happening in these offices before but has been tried and tested in Madrid and Barcelona in the mainland. This will even affect La Gomera and El Hierro who do not have Tráfico Offices.

Appointments can be made via www.dgt.es, the Tráfico website or via telephone on 060. If the appointment is made online then you have the option to choose the date and time up to fifteen days in advance. The system has been working well in other Tráfico offices and is proven to save time and stop the offices getting very busy at certain hot spot times. It also helps the staff know what the required procedure is for each individual.

The online appointment system is easy to use and is more suitable than the telephone system as you cannot choose a time or date over the phone; this first available appointment is given. To access the appointment system you will need to go to Tráfico’s website www.dgt.es and click on the icon that says CITA PREVIA (appointment), the icon also shows a computer and a telephone. From there you will need to choose the option SOLICTIAR CITA PREVIA EN JEFATURAS (request appointment in the office) at the bottom of the page. The next step is to choose the correct office, which is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. After that you will have to choose what area you wish to make the appointment with either fines or other.

The “other” option covers driver’s licences and car paperwork. Once you have selected the area you will need to fill in your personal details and the choose the date and time you wish to go, appointments can be made up to 15 days in advance. Once the appointment has been reserved you will then be given the option to either save or print a confirmation.

You can also modify or cancel any appointments online but only two appointments can be made in any one day for any individual or representative. Registered professional businesses remain unaffected by the changes in law.

On your appointment day you will still need to go via information to collect a number to pay your fee’s and then be send to the correct counter for your appointment, you cannot just go to the counters.

The introduction of the appointment system does not change the processes or documentation that it is required for each individual process. The main change is that it should make a trip to Tráfico quicker providing you take the correct paperwork otherwise an alternative appointment for another day will have to be made unlike up till now where you could collect what you were missing and just pop back in and complete the paperwork in the same day, this could mean several trips.

The press release information is also available on Tráfico’s website but is limited to what I have already pointed out. If you have any questions just give me a ring on 922783828 or send me an email to emma@motorworldtenerife.com .