|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Your views on electronic cigarettes? 

Dear Madam

What do the rest of your readers think about electronic cigarettes? Do they think they are becoming as much of a nuisance as ordinary ones? We do but would welcome other views.

It seems more and more people are taking to using these electronic cigarettes and from what we read in the national press, both here in Spain and else-where, the jury is very much out about whether they are harmful or not.

We see that in Britain, a number of pubs, including some leading chains, have decided to impose their own ban on the smoking of these inside and that the Spanish government might also be considering its stance in public places.

We personally are disturbed by electronic cigarettes inside a restaurant or a bar. It is said in their defence that they do not give out any smell but they do. It might be scented and therefore more pleasant than an ordinary cigarette but it is still not very nice to be near them. It is a bit like having incense sticks.

Likewise, these electronic cigarettes do contain something which helps to satisfy the craving of smokers trying to kick the habit and the effect on people’s health is already being questioned. They might well help people to give up but at what cost to themselves and to users?

Just imagine if a restaurant or bar was full of 100 people all puffing away at these devices – the whole place would soon be full of smog.

In our opinion, these electronic cigarettes should only be smoked out of doors and the same conditions should be applied as to those of real cigarettes.

P Alexander Los Cristianos