|Monday, December 6, 2021
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World first as Tenerife bar becomes Momoshi paradise 

A well-known bar in Los Gigantes could be the launch pad of a worldwide artistic concept.

The Green Corner near the main plaza has been strikingly redecorated by international artist Momoshi who had been described as the island’s Banksy.

Momoshi has created a Street Art Cafe featuring an art exhibition, painted walls, a little art shop and merchandising.

“I guess it’s the first of its kind on the island. I’m also planning similar ‘Momoshi Art Bars’ in Berlin, London, Vienna and Budapest,” he revealed.

“I have started looking for bar owners all over Europe who are up for it – but let´s finish the first bar and see how it´s going.”

Momoshi, also a graphic designer and digital illustrator, has developed a colourful organic brand.

His unique art and street wear (designed for various metropolises) can also be ordered online at the mocityshop.com website.

Explaining the concept of the bar he said: “My plan is to find an investor and to team up with other bars all over the world.

“I turn the place into a Momoshi paradise, where people enter an absolutely different organic, almost psychedelic universe. It would be its own little distinctive brand, just like Hard Rock Café or the Buddha Bar, only for art.”

Every bar gets his own Momoshi style world, adapted to the location, the city and its people.

“In Los Gigantes, they are ‘The Greengos’ from the Green Corner, bizarre creatures and life-forms living near the gigantic cliffs,” he explained.

He went on: “Apart from the prints, for collectors there will be super unique t-shirts and paintings, not just hand-painted and numbered, but with their own virtual animated clone online.”

They can be ordered at the bar or soon on the Greengo website of http://greengocollection.tumblr.com/

“My plan for the next 12 months is to find four or five different bars (and maybe even a hotel) all over Europe to create a little Momoshi Art Bar chain with paintings and all the merchandise.

“The bars will be supplied constantly with art work, also prints, posters, postcards, and so on.”

He added: “Later, I want the bars to have special Momoshi drinks, cocktails, maybe, and perhaps I can find a brewery to produce beer with a Momoshi label, Momoshi glasses and beer mats.”

The Green Corner is owned by Alan Walker and Paul Marney and they say public reaction to the art work has been very favourable.

Visitor Dennis Bradford from Manchester, said: “The paintings are highly unusual. The idea could catch on.”

Interested bar owners can feel free to contact Momoshi at momoshishop@gmail.com

By Ken Bennett