|Monday, April 12, 2021
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Innovative solution in aesthetic dentistry 

Nowadays, most patients with artificial dentures are seeking a replacement that emphasises a more natural looking appearance.

According to recent surveys from the renowned brand STRAUMANN with more than 250 patients, the majority prefer ceramic implants to titanium implants.

Patients who favour Ceramic Implants recount better comfort and a higher sense of safety than with regular dentures and bridges.

Apart from that, not all implants are the same.

In contrast to titanium implants, their ceramic counterparts are forged in one single piece, from root to top in the likeness of a natural tooth.

Regarding the aesthetic image, those in ceramic material have the advantage over titanium manufactured ones as well.

Ceramic serves as a favourable bio-compatible alternative for patients who prefer to remain metal-free with any kind of artificial dentures.

Reasons to opt for Ceramic implants

Completely free from any metal

Natural tooth colour

Natural appearance

Comfort in wearing

Superior adhesion with gum and bone tissues

No electromagnetic activity

Osteointegration in only a short time

Ceramic omplants also work in combination with cemented crowns or bridges in ceramic.

Through this, the patient gets all the advantages of modern implant technology and the whole work stays completely metal-free.

Another important positive feature of Ceramic implants is that it does not form residues of bacterial plaque. Ceramic is a bionised matter, reported until today without infections of gums in addition to offering the same bio-compatibility like titanium.

In order to improvise its functionality, ceramic implants are made as a Monotype. They are forged and manufactured in one single piece from the bottom part of the implant itself to the abutment.

The texture and finish of its surface is equivalent to titanium implants in order to minimise the healing process.

MEDICAL IMPLANT, the dental clinic in Tenerife, is offering a wide range of possibilities concerning Implants with recent introduction of ceramic implant treatments, made from the most renowned brand STRAUMANN and offering a 100% warranty in precision and reliability on all products!!

If you like more information to this new product, or a first hand consultation free of charge, just give us a call on: 922 749 742