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For the first time in the Canary Islands, 3D Professional Magnotherapy on Tenerife 

The healing action of magnets has been known for several centuries. In history, magnetic powder would be used for medical purposes, for example, in pills, enema or poultices. It was an ingredient in drinks believed to bring “eternal youth” etc. and poultices with magnetic powder worked very well with injuries, or after accidents, for headaches or for pains in the joints or back – or, in addition to this, with contused or swollen joints as well.

Cleopatra was the first famous person recorded as using magnets, both as health and beauty aids.

In Japan and the USA, patients have the opportunity to consult professional mag-netotherapists about their health problems, who can prescribe a comprehensive regime including food supplements and physical exercise. It is a sort of paradox of these modern times that magnetotherapy, which in statistical terms has the highest success rate of all the known medical methods, the lowest cost and the lowest potential risk, is beyond mainstream methods. Moreover, it tends to be seen as a “last choice” method, being used after other “more traditional” methods have failed.

At present, many medical experts – perhaps more than before – accept the concept of prevention both in the general and the subclinical stages of diseases. Expert counselling provided by physicians in the field of magnetic instruments may be a great help for many people suffering from sub-clinical problems involving nerve disorders, the locomotive system, the skin, and other organs.

Recently, interest has been growing in various countries in the world and agneto-therapy is becoming more and more widespread.

The rapid development of modern forms of technology, including those used in medicine and healthcare, is linked to the latest findings concerning the magnetic field put into practice. Magnetic fields are used in engineering, transport, information and communication. Without application of the magnetic field, we would not have many sophisticated diagnostic methods such as magnetic resonance

The effects of the biological changes in the tissues caused by low-frequency pulse magnetic field may be used to cure various diseases.

There are 6 basic classified groups and effects:

Pain-killing (analgesic)Myo-relaxing (relief from spasms)

Anti-oedema (antiswelling)

Vasodilatative (widening the bloodstream)

Detoxification (accelerating metabolism)

Healing and regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic

Today refined magnotheraphy has gained popularity worldwide with many celebrities devotees including: Cherie Blair, Bill Clinton, Anthony Hopkins, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Shirley Maclaine, Venus Williams, Michael Jordan, etc…

Magnotheraphy treatment is now available for the first time in the Canary Islands, 3 Dimensional Professional Magnoteraphy combined when needed with therapeutic massage. The only centre for this treatment on Tenerife is in La Paz, opposite the entrance to the Botanical Gardens, below Pizzeria Europe.

The owner Charles Hagan, comes from a family back-ground of naturopaths from his Great Grandmonther and Father, became interested in healing and massage whilst serving the Spanish Legion in Fuerteventura.

For the last five years, Mr. Hagan has concentrated his studies with the Professional Institute of Health Studies and Deusto Health Organisation and trained in Professional Magnotheraphy Treatments.

The first 3 Dimensional Magnotherapy Clinic has recently opened its doors at the beginning of June and is off to a flying start.

Mr. Hagan himself speakes fluent English and Spanish and has staff who speak German as well. All our clients will be treated like royalty and we will do dour best to help anyone suffering or just in need to destress and have a relaxing massage: indian head massage or any of our relaxing treatments.

The center is open from Monday to Friday from 10am until 8pm and on Saturdays from 10am till 3pm. These hours have been choosen to accommodate the many workers on inflexible hours.

For any enquires you can contact Mr Hagan on 922 373 449 or 653 882 287. Pleae feel free to come and visit us to see how we work.