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Hurry! Last chance to get a free El Corte Inglés voucher, fuel voucher or 50 euros cashback, courtesy of Liberty Seguros 

If you take out your new fully comprehensive car insurance with LIBERTY SEGUROS we will give you a free 25€ fuel voucher. Or, even better, if you pay by Direct Debit instead, we will refund 50€ Cashback directly to your bank account to spend however you like! If you prefer to take out a new Home Insurance, LIBERTY SEGUROS will reward you with a free El Corte Inglés voucher worth 25€ or 50€ Cashback if you pay again by Direct Debit. Offer only valid until 31st of May!!

For any thing that might happen LIBERTY SEGUROS LIFE INSURANCE ensures you peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Is your pet insured too? LIBERTY SEGUROS PET IN-SURANCE provides different types and optional covers including veterinary assistan-ce for accident or illness anywhere in Europe. More protection, more benefits.

Did you know about the LIBERTY SEGUROS BOAT INSURANCE advantages? Protect your pride and joy from bow to stern when in the water, as well as during loading and unloading and during transportation by land.

Do you play Golf? Protect you and your equipment with LIBERTY SEGUROS GOLF INSURANCE against breakage and damage; Third Party Liability and personal acci-dents whilst playing.

Are you prepared for the unexpected? LIBERTY SEGUROS ACCIDENT INSURANCE provides personal cover for unexpected events and foresights, flexible in terms of covers and adapting to your needs.

Is your community paying too much for the insurance? LIBERTY SEGUROS COMMU-NITY INSURANCE offers maximum flexibility and coverage.

What Sets Us Apart: Simplicity, Efficiency and Convenience as part of your Security. You can trust in an expert.

Go to www.libertyexpatriates.es now for the name of your nearest LIBERTY SEGUROS broker, who can give you expert advice on which cover best suits your family’s needs in a friendly face-to-face environment and speak in your own language. Quality is our policy.

Only for insurance taken out and commencing between 1st March and 31st May 2014. Premiums must exceed 375€ for Fully Comprehensive Car insurance and 200€ for Home Insurance.