|Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Open your mouth without fear at Artedental 

Why dental treatment no longer equates to pain or phobia.

There are many people who have simply abandoned good care of their mouth because they fear the “pain” of going to the dentist.

Thus, what was once a simple cavity brings about the more serious consequence of possibly losing one of our teeth.

Because dental clinics and dentists are well aware of this great social “fear”, many studies have been carried out to mitigate or totally eliminate the prospect of pain completely. As a result, there really are no excuses left for looking after our dental health.

Artedental, a clinic in Puerto de la Cruz equipped with all the latest technology, offers several options to help their patients avoid pain. The choice of one or another of the techniques depends on what type of treatment they are going to have and the actual physical and emotional characteristics of the person involved.

Perhaps the most conven-tional and best known is total sedation, the anesthesia which is always used for serious surgery and long operations. However, today, we have other references.

The most singular option for the avoidance of pain which can be offered, for instance, can be found in Artedental through techniques based on the inhalation of analgesia and intravenous conscious sedation. Both are personalised options suited to the patient and the conditions encoun-tered during procedures or mild surgery which might become more tiring or tedious because of the duration.

When we talk about intravenous conscious sedation known as “Kalinox”, it’s a treatment which is applied through a mask adapted to suit each person and consists of 50 per cent medicinal nitrogen proto-xide and the other 50 per cent of medicinal oxygen.

This is a type of analgesia ideal for interventions of a short duration, both for adults and children. In the case of Kalinox, there have been numerous studies which assure its analgesic efficiency and tolerance.

The maxim of these type of medications is “cure without pain” and so achieve the ideal environ-ment in which to work with patients.

As we explain in Artedental, the treatment is the best option for the most rapid effect and the best result within three minutes after application and without side effects.

However, is there a middle ground when it comes to avoiding pain when you go to the dentist?

Yes. At Artedental, an intermediate technique can be applied to deter pain; intravenous conscious sedation.

This is one of the most applied methods in the United States and many other countries in northern Europe and can be found in Tenerife at the hand of Anestpro.

How does it work? Rafael Omaña, anaesthesiologist with Anestpro, explains that intravenous conscious sedation involves taking the patient to a minimum level of consciousness but retaining the ability of the person to still respond to physical stimuli and verbal commands and to breathe without assistance.

Conscious sedation is performed by specialists in anesthesia and resuscitation and is recommended for patients with anxiety, fears or phobias of surgical treatment under local anesthesia, as well as for patients who need to dental procedures of a longer duration and those who want to retain a stable and appropriate emotional level when in the hands of their dentist.

Because of this, people who might not have been able to undergo dental treatment before can now receive the help they need.

There are many advan-tages for the patient. First of all the absence of pain, then tranquillity and also only a vague memory remaining of what has taken place.

So there really is no excuse for adults or children to neglect their mouth because of a fear or a phobia. Pain might once have been the main handicap to receiving dental treatment prescribed by the experts but today, the absence of this worry in dental clinics like Artedental is the perfect reason to put yourselves into their hands.