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Centenary celebrations for an intrepid explorer 

Famous Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl had a fascinating life and a close association with Tenerife where he lived.

His incredible expeditions took him to all parts of the globe, with one of the most famous being the KonTiki of 1947 when he sailed 5,000 miles across the Pacific in a hand-built raft. He was fascinated with the ancient races and lands, legends and ocean travel, rock carvings and pyramids, the environment and politics, history and anthropology. He was probably one of the greatest adventurers the world has ever known.

Today, in Tenerife, his name lives on, particularly following his discovery in the 1990s of the “Pyramids of Guimar” which he unearthed from a rocky barren building site. He was convinced they were purpose-built as a way of worshipping the sun and visitors can make their own mind up by visiting the ethnographic park which now stands on the land, together with the pyramids themselves.

Having been born on October 6th, 1914, Thor Heyerdahl died on April 18th, 2002 and this year is therefore the centenary of his birth.

The ethnographic park hopes to bring his adventures to the attention of even more people by holding a series of events in commemoration of this milestone.

The programme begins on April 11th with a Thor Heyerdahl conference in the cultural centre at Los Cristianos which will be attended by Nordic associates. Instead of concentrating on his travels, the event will look at a lesser-known side of this heroic man, his human and personal side.

Admission is free but due to a limit on the capacity, prior registration is necessary and anyone interested should email recepcionpg@piramidesdeguimar.es or telephone 922514510.

Norway’s National Day is on May 17th and Tenerife will join the celebrations with school exchanges whilst in June, there will be a series of lectures in the auditorium of the Pyramids of Guimar park.

In October, there will be a reading from “Kon Tiki”, the book which has been translated into 60 different languages and the award-winning documentary of the expedition will also be screened. School-children are already involved in a picture competition.

For more information on the celebrations and the pyramids, see www.piramidesdeguimar.es or phone on 922-514510.