|Monday, April 12, 2021
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Palm Mar meeting not for all 

We were interested to read in the Spanish press and presumably in your latest edition of Tenerife News that the Mayor of Arona had been to Palm Mar for a meeting with residents.

We actually saw this meeting – or perhaps it should be described as a gathering – involving about a dozen people, including police and some council officials. They were gathered on the pavement by the taxi rank so we mistakenly thought it was something to do with taxis.

Not so. We checked the Spanish press and found out that so-called representa-tives of residents had asked for a meeting to raise various points about Palm Mar, including general maintenance, replacement of broken fixtures and more policing.

Whether or not the lack of a decent bus service was brought up was not mentioned or the fact that there are still many dog owners who do not clear up after their pets. This latter situation seems to have improved but it is still something which has to be tackled.

For us, the bus service is the main bone of contention so is anything going to be done about it? It is ridiculous that there are NO buses in or out of Palm Mar after 4.40pm in the week and NONE at all at the weekend or on fiestas. A previous writer to your letters page had written about the dangerous walk from Palm Mar to the main road – about 25 minutes if you are relatively fit – and you do take your life into your own hands because of the traffic which travels fast either way, in or out.

We did see that in the last few days, there have been workmen out and about doing pruning and cleaning but to be honest, we never thought Palm Mar was that bad any way. The greenery has always been well-kept but litter has been a problem so it was nice to see verges having been cleared.

What we would also like to say is who were these representatives of residents? And why was no-one else told about the meeting? Did any business owners know about it? I think not. It would not have been difficult to put a poster or two up inviting everyone along, of all nationalities, so they could have their say as well. We don’t think less than a dozen people is truly representative of Palm Mar. And on a last cynical note, is there an election coming up?

English residents, Palm Mar