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La Boheme – over 20 years of tranquil dining at Plaza del Charco! 

Situated at the centre of Puerto de la Cruz (Plaza del Charco), La Boheme has been situated in the buzz of the nightlife that surrounds this area, since 1987. Despite its location, it allows the restaurant to provide the peace and tranquility necessary to allocate the services offered. No rush, international creative cuisine and a personalised service are its trademark.

Evelio, the waiter, has worked alongside the owner (chef) for over 20 years, with the priceless experience of starting in the kitchen. Welcoming his clients as personalised as possible – EVELIO – “if someone comes for the first time and asks for a wine (the wine menu isn’t extensive), we don’t have, there is nothing I can do about it. But If this same clients becomes a more regular visitor and still asks for the same wine, on his/her third visit we’ll have the wine waiting for him/her.”

As mentioned above the cuisine is international creative and we were served warm bread and butter. For starters Evelio recommended the Prawn cocktail with melon and peach and a ‘Lady windsor’ Smoked Trout sided by Horseradish sauce and melon. Both delicious! For main course, we enjoyed the Chicken ‘Bombay’, boiled chicken breast with a beautiful sweet curry and sided with rice. A Sirloin ‘chateau’ (rare), with vegetables, croquette potatoes and a bearnaise sauce. As if it were a chateau-briand for one.

This was accompanied throughout the whole dinner with a surprisingly good Sangre de Toro (Torres), that was finished with some home-made ‘Flan’ (creme caramel), chocolate mousse and the star of the desserts, Cherries ‘Jubilee’ (warm cherries in rum and vanilla ice-cream). We couldn’t finish all the cherries, but not because we didn’t like them…we just couldn’t eat anymore; they were great!

Other classics

Garlic soup

Vol-au-vent á la ‘reine’

Sole Meuniere

“New Orleans” Prawns

“Vizcaya” Casserole

Tournedos “Prinz Orlov”


Pear “Helena”

Coffee “Zermatt”

Out of the menu (season dishes)

Depending on the season, La Boheme, prepares out of the menu dishes: such as venison (Xmas), Duck (Easter), Wild-boar or Lamb.

Private function room

Not recommended during the winter season, but when the weather starts to get warmer, La Boheme, offers a private room with terrace to enjoy – a family meeting, birthday or a private party/celebration. Again the service is personalised so customers can come with no hurries and enjoy a relaxed ambient.



Wine: red/white Rioja, Torres & Canary

Price per person: 20-25 euros.

opening hours

Monday to Monday 18:30-22:30 (kitchen hours)

Sunday: also open for lunch 12:30-15:00

La Boheme, closed normally for 2 months during the summer season, therefore it’s best to call the restaurant first, to assure it’s open!

By Christian Morales

Calle Blanco, 5 – 1st floor / Puerto de la Cruz

Tel.: 922 37 05 64