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Kary Blasco, a therapist with more than 25 years of experience 

Osteopath, chiropractor, esthetician, specialist in reflexology and cranio sacral therapy with the Upledger method, together with other branches of health and aesthetics, Kary Blasco has more than 25 years of experience in providing well-being to the many people who have passed through her expert hands during a long professional career.

After carrying out her health and beauty expertise in the Hotel Botánico and Hotel Atalaya, for more than two years she has been in the Centro Deportivo y de Ocio (Sports and Leisure Centre) Puerto de la Cruz. This is situated in La Quintana, specifically in calle Hibiscus, no 14.

Kary says the most important thing is to continue learning as there are constant advances in matters relating to health and well-being. To this end, she has already provided in the Puerto tennis club, the very latest equipment related to ozone therapy, radio-frequency and acupressure amongst others.

The osteopath stresses the importance of these techno-logies because “the objective is to offer the client the very best in advances”.

For example, ozone therapy is a treatment which oxyge-nates the cells of the skin and regenerates, stimulates the collagen and elasticity, acts as an anti-oxidant and restores blood flow.

“With this facial treatment,” says Kary, “the pores of the skin are closed, improving the complexion and achieving excellent results.”

Kary explained that radio-frequency is a method which uses a sophisticated electronic system to create regeneration and produce new collagen, thus achieving facial rejuvenation. This treatment is used to improve the contours of the face, combat sagging, firm the skin of the eyelids, improve puffiness and dark circles amongst other benefits.

However, radiofrequency, through the cellular recuperator Indiba, is also used on the body for other health benefits. In this case, it increases the temperature inside the tissues, a major effect of which is to increase the flow of blood and lymphatics, thereby increasing nutrients and oxygen. The osteopath uses this modern piece of apparatus to perform massages with the com-bination of her knowledge of osteopathy, reflexology and cranial sacral therapy.

In addition to addressing all sorts of beauty treatments, including therapeutic manicures and pedicures, Kary is an expert in cranial sacral therapy using the Upledger method. This is very useful in treating a variety of health problems including headaches, neck and back pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and depression amongst other issues.

Facials, relaxation massages, wraps, scrubs, treatments with essential oils and many other treatments, together with health and beauty therapies, can all be found in the Centro de Salud and Belleza Kary Blasco where you are guaranteed relaxation, tranquillity and a few hours away from the busy world.

Kary Blasco

Tel. : 922 387 362 / 619 018 091

Alvaro’s Tennis Club / Calle Hibiscus, 14 / Puerto de la Cruz