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Frequently asked questions 

Q. I’m having issues with my 2003 Peugeot 307; it’s the 2L HDi 110HP version. I’ve been having oil covering a lot of the engine bay. It seems to be on the air filter/battery side, obviously I can’t see what is going on towards the rear of the engine but with an oily patch on the radiator I think it’s towards the front of the engine. Also the top air pipe seems to be oily. Yet whenever I check the oil level it seems to be pretty much the same as before. I seem to be lacking power on acceleration. The fuel efficiency had dropped. The engine does sound a little rough and I’m sure the turbo is still working as I keep hearing it start whining away at approx. 2400rmp. Any ideas as to what the problem is would be appreciated if only to try to set my mind at ease. I will be getting it checked out soon anyway just not had much time such that I can lose the car into a garage for a day or two.

A. You probably have a small split in that big rubber pipe that is oily. It is under considerable pressure when the engine is under load and comes from the turbo. Turbos emit a small amount of oil from their bearings and this will be blown down the pipe and out through the split. This will also account for the drop in performance & slight increase in fuel consumption, as the engine won’t be getting the full air pressure. If it is that it shouldn’t cost too much to fix, the pipe is probably around €100 plus fitting.

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