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Arte Dental – social compromise in current times 

With more than 20 years of industry experience, its own dental lab and endorsement from a team of international professionals, Arte Dental specialises in providing products and services for everyone who needs them.

Close to the motorway, in Puerto de la Cruz, with easy parking to help patients from the outset, the company offers the very best way of dealing with the problems we find in our mouth.

The philosophy of Arte Dental – passion for the work they perform, dedication to their profession, innovation and advancement in new techno-logy – has made it an undisputed leader in dental health nationally and even internationally.

One of the company’s maxims is “Devolvemos sonrisas” or We return smiles” and this relates to the inner smile as well as the one you can see. Despite being involved in their day to day work and the development of new techniques, they have not forgotten that their patients need to be treated as people, ones who have pain, problems and have been affected by the economic times in which we live. Therefore, thanks to agreements with national manufacturers such as Bioner and international firms like Heraeus Kultzer, they have managed through special promotions to maintain (and in some cases extend) the quality of their products and services whilst offering competitive rates and “prices without a catch”.

Along these same lines, explained technical director Marcus Lauch, these partnerships have allowed them to develop exclusive treatment with designer pieces exclusive to Arte Dental called Art on 4®.

The Art on 4® technique involves the rehabilitation of the maxillary by means of up-loading four or more implants in one day. Patients undergo a preliminary diagnosis and series of complementary tests which allows in the first day the creation of the final prosthesis structure. This minimises the risk of a fracture of the teeth and allows a uniform force on the implants, improving the osteointegration as well as the durability and stability of the treatment, explains doctor Víctor Cubillo, the clinic’s medical director.

In this way, Art on 4® has far-reaching benefits and results in more affordable costs due to reduced treatment time and the number of visits required, as well as a reduced cost in the costs of manufacturing the prosthesis through agreements with the company Bioner.

Arte Dental deals with traditional conservative den-tistry through to the latest innovations rapidly, aesthe-tically and invisibly, and using the most revolutionary techniques in surgery and dental implants. The in-creasing demand has led to the appointment of Ruth Pérez Alfayate, professor of the European University in Madrid and member of the Spanish Association of Endodontists to attend to patients’ specific needs in canal treatment.

Arte Dental is also concerned about solutions and those responsible for surgery have developed a wide range of therapeutic measures to deal with pain. No-one likes to suffer unnecessarily so analgesia inhalation, inhalation conscious sedation and total anesthesia in the operating room are all options which can be provided as deemed appropriate.

Arte Dental offers an allround service to simplify the stay for the patient – from solving problems of dental pathalogy to manage the transportation for the consultation and treatment days, with its own transport service for patients.

Centro de negocios Piedra Redonda, Local 10-11

Via de Servicio Las Arenas s/n-Puerto de la Cruz

Tel.: 922 38 20 28