|Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Anxiety over Cepsa future 

Santa Cruz should have the right to decide the future of the Cepsa refinery site if the company decides to leave, says the Mayor.

No decision has yet been taken or announced but there has always been wide-spread speculation about its possible relocation, heightened recently by lay-offs and temporary suspension of work for weeks on end.

It would be a bitter sweet pill for the capital if the refinery did leave because it does provide a lot of jobs but on the other hand raises concerns about air quality and aesthetics.

The Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez says he is willing to lead the debate on what should happen to the land in theory and would like the input of as many people as possible.

He is due to attend a meeting with workers who want to voice their concerns about Cepsa as 4,000 families depend on it staying in the city.

One early suggestion about future use of the site is a “leisure mountain” but employees say this debate is premature and disrespectful to them because the fight should be for their jobs.