|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Things people do that ruin their cars 

We all know that we should look after our car but it’s very surprising how many don’t. Here we look at the most popular things people around the world do to ruin their, often, pride and joy.

Riding the Brakes down A Hill

If you are driving on a hill that goes on for a while, like Mount Teide for instance, you’ll want to avoid riding the brake the whole time. Alternate between braking and letting off the brake so you don’t heat up and wear out your brake pads. It’s a common mistake, because it feels like the safest way to manoeuvre down a hill, but if the hill is sufficiently long, you can end up almost totally wearing out your pads, since as they heat up, they wear faster. Constant braking may also cause your brake fluid to boil which will lead to there being water in the fluid and your brakes can then fail.

Pressure Washing the Engine

Everyone wants a clean shining engine. It gets dirty and sandy under there and a person with a pressure washer is a dangerous thing for grime – you want to point it at any-thing even sli-ghtly dirty. But a dirty engine that runs right is better than a clean engine that doesn’t run at all! If you spray a high powered jet of water around rubber seals and hoses and electrical bits, you’re bound to dislodge something important. A modern engine is a complex thing, all manner of sensors and wiring harnesses and components, and it’s no place for a jet of high pressure water.

Letting the Interior Go

You’re in a rush again, and you eat most of your disgusting egg and cheese baguette, and toss the rest in the wrapper on the passenger seat. Lovely! You know who you are, your car is filthy, never seen a vacuum cleaner , you have bought 15 or even more air fresheners and they hang on the mirror, and yet, no air freshener made by mortal man can stop the sickening smell within your car. You need to clean it. If you don’t vacuum your carpets and clean out the rubbish every so often, you’ll develop a smell that is impossible to destroy. In our line of business we have come across many such vehicles, and we know how hard it is to get rid of the lingering smells. The only way to stop them is to never let them develop. Clean your car!

Whatever happens we are all human and will all have been guilty of some or all of the above but if you want your car to last and be a saleable item when you have finished with it, look out and take note!!