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GOM, taste a touch of nouvelle cuisine and a slice of home-made cooking… 

At Hotel Taburiente, located in front of Parque García Sanabria , one of the landmarks of Santa Cruz, you’ll find GOM.

With ten years of experience and open to the passer-by and the hotel’s clientele, the restaurant at present is developing from its high-end (nouvelle) cuisine into a vibrant hub for leisure and business meals and/or dinners, focused on the demands of the area(changing its day menu on a daily basis). Its contemporary minimalist design is warm and welcoming and follows the line of the hotel’s style.

Aided by Raúl Brito, a young entrepreneur who has a few culinary successes under his belt (at the age of 21, he was the head chef for Hotel Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz and a six month masters at El Bulli gave him confidence…) and his team, GOM is gaining in reputation for its variety, fresh cooking and natural changes in the menu.

Hotel Taburiente and Raúl, as head executive chef, have devised a clean and fresh menu, where the raw product is the star. The aim is to strengthen the quality, freshness and naturalness of the products in the dishes.

“The seasons and the daily market are the ones that form the menu” Brito.

Such a philosophical approach results in, for example, a delightful assorted basket of breads accompanied by different ‘butters’ (almogrote, raisins and olive oil with a reduction of Pedro Ximenez) bringing the native, national and international culinary appeal that flows throughout the meal. The customer is offered a varied menu which she/he can feel familiar with regardless of the nature of their visit (tourist, local or business).

A taste of what’s on offer at GOM

Boletus croquettes with Piquillo peppers marmalade – served on top of a shot glass and with the marmalade inside.

Gorgonzola, Serrano ham (5J), beetroot sprouts and organic lettuce salad with mustard dressing – served in a flat glass bowl.

Breaded Corn Prawn Skewers – served, pinched into a bed of small pebbles that are inside a flat glass bowl.

Beef Sirloin, caramelised onions, foie and a touch of Pedro Ximenez reduction – served with a beautifully cooked pear in red wine.

Fried organic egg – served with cuts of Serrano ham (5J), layered on top of the egg and a thin slice of crusty bread.

Mini Iberian hamburger – served with apricots, caramelised onions and red Piquillo pepper ali oli .

Cheese board – served as a starter and created by the chef’s knowledge of the contrasts of various cheeses.

Grilled fresh foie – served with toast, onion and caramelised apple.

THE STAR DISH of this season’s menu is the Salmon and Risotto, Norwegian salmon, cooked to a nice crust, bedded on top of a raisin and dried boletus risotto. It encapsulates the main essences of the restaurant’s philosophy and comes adorned with violet and white pansies.

As mentioned above, the restaurant works practically on a daily basis and thus will serve the dish until it’s finished. Therefore you may find that your seasonal favourite is not available, although it is on the menu. The good thing is that if the dish’s products are still in the kitchen, you’ll get the exact same dish as you enjoyed it before; taste, size and shape.

GOM also likes to present uniformity in the way of amounts, timing and presentation. It’s something all the titans of the market strive for, such as McDonalds. You know that wherever you are in the world, the M sign instantly tells you what you’re going to get. As Raúl explained: you know how big your hamburger is going to be, the crispness and size of the chips and the cost of the meal.

House Wines

White: Rueda & Albariño

Red: Ribera del Duero & Rioja


Celiac menu

Individual menus for specific allergies (ordered in advance)

Events (conferences, weddings, parties), up to 300 people

Desserts are order to the ex El Duende chef of desserts

Extensive wine list

Cost per person 20 – 30€ (wine included)

Ample Canary/Basque pintxos with wine suggestions in menu

Dr. Guigou, 29

Santa Cruz

Reservations: 922 27 60 58

Opening: Tuesday to Saturday

13:00 to 16:00 / 20:00 to 23:00

By Christian Morales Röhss/ Photos: Maria Marta Carrera Rossi