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Frequently asked questions 

Q. I have a problem when selecting reverse gear on my Golf. On selecting reverse with the engine switched on, sometimes there is a slight crunching noise. The crunching noise is not there with the engine turned off and this problem does not occur in any other gear. However the gear selection is sometimes not that smooth, “lumpy” would be a good description. The car has covered 120k, but is regularly serviced. It is a 1996 1.6 MK3. I have spoken to a colleague at work and he thinks it may be the gearbox linkage cables?

A. Reverse is the only gear that doesn’t have synchromesh so it has to be motionless to engage, your problem will be with the clutch not fully disengaging. If it’s adjustable that should do it.

Q. While driving along today, the engine on our 2.0 diesel Qashqai just seem to cut out as though the fuel had been cut off and came to a standstill, all lights are showing on dash and are ok and the engine turns over on starter motor but will not start, these models are camchain and not cambelt so I wouldn’t suspect the camchain has broken, but who knows!!!

A. The Qashai’s require a fuel filter change around 30.000 kilometres or two years. The filter is never changed in a service unless requested, so check your service history, same with brake fluid, but every two years regardless of mileage.

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