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Facts about car transfers 

Many people ask the following questions when buying or selling a car. Here we are going to dispel the myths and state the current conditions and criteria that Tráfico require. Please note that this only applies to car transfers, driving licences are slightly different.


Question: In order to transfer a car out of my name must the car have an ITV?

The correct answer is no BUT you will be responsible for any fines incurred until such time as the transfer is completed. Some time ago a car without an ITV COULD NOT be transferred successfully until it had a current ITV. The Permiso de circulación was not issued in the new owners name until such time as proof of current ITV was shown in Tráfico, this being by producing the Ficha Técnica showing the new ITV. Now however you may do a transfer without a current ITV and get a new Permiso de circulación in the new owner’s name, but the Permiso shows clearly that the document is not valid unless there is an ITV in date. The police are permitted to take the car away if the car has no ITV and is in circulation and fines would be incurred.

Proof of address

In order to transfer a car you must legally prove to Tráfico your address. The following applies only to foreigners (extranjeros). The proof methods are:

1. A current rental contract (in Spanish) with at least three months´ duration or longer.

2. A current and in date Certificate de Empadronmiento, available from most Town Halls although not all will provide these willingly.

3. An escritura that has been registered in the Land Registry office, a photocopy simple is not acceptable unless it has been registered.

The following are not acceptable:

A current bill from Unelco, Movistar etc,

A personal business card showing your full address

A document of any sort from the local town hall, hacienda or social (except a certificate of emadronmiento).

If you have any questions or queries please contact me emma@motorworldtenerife.com or call 922783828.