|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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‘ Seeing red over brochures’ 

Dear Editor

I have just read the article concerning the issue of publicity brochures strewn around the streets.

I agree entirely with Ashotel, a clampdown by the authorities is long overdue.

These leaflets that are left all over Los Cristianos for example, often held in place by a small rock, and are a nuisance that the island could well do without.

Everywhere you go you can see the remains of these leaflets lying on the pavements and in gardens, and after today’s downpour the remains of all these leaflets will be there for all to see for weeks on end, making the resort look untidy and dirty.

My thoughts are that the people who leave these brochures at the roadside are actually leaving litter behind and therefore should be prosecuted. If it’s shown, as I’m sure it will, that they are being paid to leave this rubbish at the roadside, then let’s see some action against their employer.

I do understand that these companies need to advertise their services to the holiday-maker, but I’m sure that they can come up with better places to distribute the brochures, such as tourist information offices and hotel receptions, or is that too much trouble? Rather than adding to the holiday experience they are in fact spoiling the overall impre-ssion for our visitors and residents alike.

Grahame Craddock