|Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Moving with the times 


Dear Editor

As a resident of this island for well over ten years, I despair at what I consider to be hinderance to its progress.

Yes of course Tenerife is a beautiful island, particularly in the more remote areas which have not been developed.

But my contention is that you cannot wrap it in mothballs. It is all very well having a perfect environment but that is not going to put food on people’s tables or create jobs, is it?

My latest despair concerns the proposal for a luxury marina near La Caleta which seems to have caused uproar locally. Why? As far as I can tell, the idea isn’t to build it in La Caleta itself which is still a pretty village despite the mass invasion of Spaniards in the summer and don’t leave it in a very good state afterwards.

The marina is to be built between La Caleta and El Duque on a beach which is under-used, even though some say it is hugely popular with families. I would dispute this.

I think creating a marina there is a brilliant idea and should progress. Like the bigger business associations in Tenerife, I agree it would create trade and bring employment to the area. I would think it is in a perfect spot and I am sure there were some objections when Puerto Colon just down the road was constructed.

Marinas aren’t ugly – they draw people in and they are a tourist attraction, both for boat owners and for people to walk round. The project would create extra business and I am sure the beautiful restaurants in La Caleta would welcome that. How many of them are struggling at the moment, I wonder?

Those who are siding with caution in forwarding the project are taking the right approach. They say eve-rything must be considered first and all the right environ-mental procedures should be taken before a final decision is made.

Tenerife has already seen major setbacks in other projects which would move it forward, such as the north and south trains which I believe are also urgently needed for progress.

I am not saying cause harm to the environment but surely progress and nature can work hand in hand. If not, we would have an empty island which is living in the past.

Name and address supplied Los Cristianos