|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Keeping your address up to date 

Most people will adhere to the laws, rules and regulations of their native country, but when they live in a foreign one, such as Tenerife they seem to forget that in general the same rules apply. In the UK if you change your address you are legally obliged to advise the DVLA so why not do this here?

It is important to note that the Tráfico office (Dirección General de Tráfico or DGT in short) deals with things slightly differently than the UK, but keeping your address on your driving licence and car log book (Permiso de circulación) up to date and CORRECT is very important. In the past addresses were shown on both a driving licence and the car´s Permiso de Circulación but this has changed to ensure they fall in line with the Data protection laws.

When you first buy a car the address on Tráfico’s (DGT) records will be the one shown on the Tasa that was filled out. If for any reason this address was incomplete or incorrectly recorded then potentially you may have problems in the future. If for example if you incur any fines etc., as a result of speeding, which are recorded from a mobile or fixed camera, these are sent to the address shown on Tráfico’s (DGT) records. If you subsequently, or indeed if you currently hold or have a Spanish licence or foreign licence in-scripted , then the address provided for that transaction WILL SUPERSEDE any other provided. The address held on the Conductores department of Tráfico is always the one to which any official notifications are sent.

If you are what is commonly known as a Swallow, or do not live here permanently, it is quite common for people to not be available to receive the letter that is sent by normal post or sometimes a sign for letter. In order to avoid this you may apply for a digital certificate and register for online correspondence so that you will receive an e- mail which should prompt you to check your online correspondence. You would then have the opportunity to identify the driver, if applicable, write an appeal or provide any documents relating to the fine. Permanent residents may also do this if they wish, and/ or check that their address is full and correct at Tráfico.

In order to change your address at Tráfico, you will need to provide an up to date Certificate of Empadronamiento, along with your passport and NIE/Green Certificado de Residencia and the appropriate forms completed.

Tráfico’s system does not permit them to enter long addresses so for those living in the South we usually recommended ensuring that the complex name, block number and door number are correct, and whilst a street name is required on the form, this would be omitted if there were not space, as the Post office tends to sort by Complexes rather than street names.

If you have any questions or queries please contact me emma@motorworldtenerife.com or call 629048529 or 922783828.