|Monday, April 12, 2021
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Non Gluten meals 


We are coming to Puerto for quite a while every year for several weeks, and we have now rented a very nice

Apartemento. This makes it easy to come even more often.

We love the town, the people, and all it offers to us. What a delight to come back and go to the Market for the first shopping, etc. Plus of course to get the fantastic Tenerife News. Thank you.!!

Now your Article: Santa Cruz “sin gluten” has made me wonder if one could extend this to Puerto as well.

I am always wary to go out, will I find something I can eat. There is ever so often a Restaurant that will serve “gluten free”, thank you everyone who does. But on the whole it is quite rare.

Is there any hope, you think?

Best wishes 

Hannah Duquesne