|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Never judge a book by its cover! 

The Tenerife News holds what some might think as the very dubious honour of being the first publication to feature my writing, says our correspondent Brian Eldridge.

Three years ago, I achieved fourth place in the Christmas story-writing competition and since then, more, frequently, have penned articles about Puerto de la Cruz, my adopted home, under the heading of Brian Eldridge’s Puerto Diary. A chance to voice my own opinions on all things ‘Puerto’ related, a town I’ve known for thirty years and care passionately about.

I always enjoy writing these pieces, as I hope some of you enjoy reading them. They are written in what I would like to think of as my own ‘down to earth’ style, easy to read and not too complicated to understand.

I am sure these were a major inspiration, together with too much time on my hands and were surely a contributing factor in my decision to write a novel. They say everybody has a book in them, but most never get written. Mine did and took about eighteen months to complete, from the tentative first few lines to actually holding the first printed copy in my hand. Writing was the easy part and the endless troll of literary agents, in search of someone to represent me, must rank as the most frustrating. It soon became obvious to me the only way it would get to print was to self publish. A daunting task, but inexpensive, if you go the ‘do it all yourself’ Amazon route.

It was in May of this year that Just an Ordinary Man? went on sale through Amazon in paperback format. Kindle, had been a couple of months earlier. People have found it easy to read, have said they see some of my own traits in the main character, Bob Phillips, and almost everyone says it is quite opinionated. All are true, of course, to some degree, it is written by me and I can’t write any other way. Still, it has sold a few copies, but I am realistic about it. It was never meant to be a best seller, the joy for me was the writing of it and my sense of achievement came with its completion, marketing was never ever going to be my strong point.

So was this the end, cross it of the ‘bucket list’, job done, and move on. No chance, the second story was rattling around in my head long before the first was completed. It was always going to be a sequel, with characters introduced in the first, reappearing in the second, Bob Phillips, who really is nothing like me, is once again the main character. Far easier the second time around, both in the writing and its publication. This time forgoing the humiliation and opting to go straight for self publication. Familiar with this route, there was very little delay between writing the last sentence and proof reading the first copy. Less than six months from start to finish and my second book, For Sale, Used, One Careful Owner! is available now from Amazon, in both book and kindle format.

True to form, the plot for the third has been there for some time and I have started writing it, but, it is early days. You see I have got the bug now and writings here to stay. You should try it.

B A Eldridge