|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Fed up with shop hassle! 

Dear Editor

Living in the north, it’s been a long time since we went shopping in the south of the island. Well, for shopping, read window shopping as we weren’t really intent on buying anything, just having a nice stroll along the sea-front around the Torviscas area and looking in the shops.

I have read about all the efforts to clampdown on time-share touts and restaurant PRs and we must say, we weren’t really disturbed by any.

What we did find however was a lot of nuisance shopkeepers. They really put us off and in one or two cases, they were down-right rude. I know I heard one utter a few English swear words when my back was turned.

We all know times are very hard and of course they want to make a sale. But when oh when will they realise that pestering people is NOT the answer. As soon as you go into a shop, you are approached and hassled. It got to the stage where we daren’t look at anything we fancied because they were on you like hawks. Here sir, have a look at this one. What about this? (something completely and utterly different to what we were looking at in the first place).

Later, we went to Playa de las Americas and it was just as bad. On one section near the beach but down a side road, all the shop owners were standing on the pavement three metres away from the shops accosting people to come in and buy.

This really is awful and a total intrusion and put us off. What is it doing to holiday-makers we wonder and the image of Tenerife? Not a good advertisement we feel.

What can the authorities do about this? Can they not go round and talk and explain to shop keepers what their approach is doing ie harm?

Name and address supplied