|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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A plea to the King 

Will you help the Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands has delivered its strongest message yet about what it sees as neglect, mistreatment and lack of funds.

President of the archipelago, Paulino Rivero is writing letters direct to the King and Spanish Prime Minister in which he will call for urgent action.

He says the “indifference, irresponsibility and disloyalty” shown to the islands is unprecedented in the recent history of democracy.

Sr. Rivero also claims the “misunderstanding” of the situation of the Canary Islands has become a State problem and that they are becoming “increasingly further away from Spain.” He also warns that this is going to get worse and asks directly if the King is prepared to let this happen.

The Canary president has spoken out on his personal website and as at October 27th when he made his comments, said he would be writing “within the next few days”.

He says the Canary Islands have always been totally loyal yet believes the rights and needs of its two million citizens are not being met.

“In the recent years, government departments have refused the bread and salt to the Canarians of the seven islands,” he wrote.

Calling for special attention, Sr. Rivero said the current government seemed determined to break all the bridges of compromise, dialogue and collaboration. Now, their hand was being forced because of the anticipated State budget for 2014 and the unsatisfactory amount the Canaries would receive.

Meantime, Tenerife Cabildo says the island needs 250 million euros more than anticipated from the State to finance important projects and help create jobs.