|Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Tenerife Tigers latests news 


T for Tenerife, T for Tigers. Did you know there is a very talented troupe of cheerleaders based here in South Tenerife?

The Tenerife Tigers were born in the Let`s Dance/Vamos a Bailar school in Calleo Salvaje and are a already favourite fixture at many sporting events as well as representing Adeje and Tenerife in national and international events. In fact in May of this year the team from Tenerife did fantastically well in a cheerleading competition in Wales and won a total of seven trophies.

The group is very international with the parents of the children and young adults in the group coming from all over the world, but all live here in Tenerife. And if you think cheerleaders are only secondary to a football or basketball team, think again. Cheerdance is very much a sport in its own right today, and these girls, from 4 to 18 find they are asked to perform at a variety of events, from sporting to charity, and their enthusiasm for the shows is infectious.

MADRID. The Tenerife Tigers are very busy this month as many of them are took part in a hugely important competition in Madrid on October 12th and 13th. The Tenerife Tigers were encouraged to travel to the Spanish capital by the organisers and they repre-sented Adeje at the very first Spanish Cheerleading and Dance competition. This is a very important event for Spain and the Tenerife Tigers hoped to once again return to Adeje with Trophies after representing the Canary Islands. There were more then 22 other teams from around Spain competing and the competition itself was held at the Palacio de Cristal, Parque de Retiro, Madrid. For most, this was a first visit to such a famous venue and the whole team was very excited to have been asked to participate in Spain’s First Cheer and Dance Competiton. And for those Tigers who didn’t make it to Madrid, they performed closer to home in the Adeje local fiestas. The Tigers were asked to take part in the big parade that happened along the Calle Grande, or main street, in Adeje on October 12th.