|Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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“Palmetum: an island in a city” 


The Palmetum at Santa Cruz, a unique botanical garden with more than 1,400 species in 112 acres, is opening its doors to the public.

The attraction is the only one of its kind in the world and has transformed an urban landfill into a space for leisure and botany culture.

It has taken over three decades to achieve but last week, was officially inaugurated by the Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez and is already hosting free tours before opening to the general public later this year. The admission fee is expected to be one euro.

The Mayor said the scheme had only been possible thanks to collaboration between various organisations and parties. He described it as a priceless natural value where there were 500 species of palm trees, let alone hundreds of other plants, trees and shrubs.

The site used to be filled with debris and rubbish but has is now “a magical place” which will combine leisure with environmental educa-tion and research.

The garden enjoys fantastic views of the coast and ocean beyond and has the slogan “Palmetum: an island in a city”.

Guided tours for groups take place started in Sep-tember and continue during October on Fridays, Satur-days and Sundays. Those interested should contact the Santa Cruz Sustainable Foundation on 922 534 477 or email info@santacruzsostenible.com.

The second stage of the opening will be to general visitors and proceeds from the admission charge will go towards its upkeep. The park features seven structures, including an octagon to house the most sensitive species, an ethnographic museum, waterfalls, rivers and lakes.