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Luna Moon child 


Luna was a slender Canarian hound dog, born in July under the light of the full moon, almost two years old. She had two brothers who were excellent hunters, scenting rabbits as soon as they reached open ground. Luna had a hard job trying to keep up with them and during the various hunts she never quite knew which way to turn next.

The brothers always came out on top, especially when the three of them received their rather meager ration of food. By the time Luna managed to push her nose between them, most of the food had been eaten. Nevertheless she had a fine spirit and was, determined to show her owner that she could earn her keep. Luna´s owner was only interested in keeping his dogs purely as working dogs and not as pets. He told his wife that it was pointless keeping Luna because she would never make the grade as a hunting dog.

The following day the dogs were transported in a mesh cage at the back of a truck to the countryside surrounding Mount Teide. The dogs were keen as they had not eaten before their journey and when they were let loose they concentrated fully on the job of tracking down a rabbit. The brothers ran quickly with little Luna lagging well behind and very soon Luna realised that she was lost with no idea of which path to take. Normally she could hear the other dogs yelping in their excitement but there was not a sound anywhere. By now the sun was riding high in the sky and it was uncomfortable hot. Luna sought shelter underneath a scrubby bush and fell asleep for a few hours. It was now late afternoon and she felt very hungry and thirsty. She stood up gave herself a good shake and continued along her way back towards the road.

There was a small local bar set back from the road and people were sitting outside with drinks in their hands. Juan and María sitting in the doorway noticed Luna as she nervously approached. Juan picked up a clean ashtray and went inside to fill it with water for her. Luna lapped thirstily and afterwards was also given some table scraps which she hastily devoured. When it was time for the bar to close, Luna crept round the side of the house and found a resting place under an old wooden bench. The full moon bathed her in silvery moonbeams and she fell asleep dreaming that at last she had caught a rabbit.

The sound of a door opening was the signal for Luna to wake up. It was daylight and she was eager to be on her way. The wife of the bar owner put down water and a few biscuits after noticing Luna outside her home. Luna was grateful and after a drink and a mouthful of food she set off with a spring in her step.

Juan and Maria were hiking along the same road and Luna trotted at the back of them. Juan said to Maria “I think we should take the next turn right and give this lost dog to the Animal Refuge where it will be cared for” Maria agreed with her husband and they cut across the road. A few minutes later the dog refuge loomed into sight. Luna was still following although she felt a bit unsure away from the road. The Refuge was guarded by two huge wrought iron gates and the noise of dogs barking was deafening. Luna was terrified and made a dash down the track heading out into the road. A car swerved but it was too late to prevent the accident. Fortunately nobody was hurt apart from Luna who suffered a bad graze on her front keg. The driver stopped immediately and ran back to where Luna had fallen. She saw that the dog she had hit was in a state shock. The driver´s name was Marisol and she lived in Vilaflor a beautiful mountain village. Marisol picked up Luna and after settling her on the back seat she drove to the local vet. Luckily Luna´s injuries were slight and Marisol decided to foster the little dog.

After a month of extensive enquires no-body had come forward to claim Luna. Marisol realised that she had fallen in love with her protégé and decided to give her the security of a loving home. Luna had become a different dog in Marisol´s care and cuddling down with her rug and cushion she said to herself “this is better than all the rabbits in Tenerife”.

A new moon had risen in the sky marking a new beginning for Luna.