|Monday, September 28, 2020
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Arona will draw up new plan 

Arona is likely to draw up a new General Plan after the 2011 version was cancelled by the Supreme Court.

Councillors say it is a setback for the municipality but insist they did nothing wrong in drawing up the document and have not contravened the rules.

This week, it was anticipated that on the instructions of the Canary Government, Arona council will lodge an appeal against the Supreme Court ruling. They are loathe to see the replacement of the 2011 Plan with the one drawn up in 1993.

The Mayor, Francisco Niño and councillor for urbanism, Carmelo García have already given the instruction to start a new plan as they feel that even the 2011 version is now outdated “and does not give answers to the needs of the municipality to overcome the crisis.” However, it is still considered better than the one before.

The council says it will be inviting all opposition groups and the business sector to participate in the consultation process which will look at commercial, tourism and leisure uses.

The Mayor said the court ruling was a setback but Arona would not stop and would continue working towards the plan.

The council does not believe it made mistakes in drawing up the 2011 document though the court ruled some land was designated for various uses without the necessary environmental reports.