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“Almogrote” in dough cylinder 



300gr of Canary cheese : Semi-cured goat cheese

20gr of olive oil: virgin extra

100grs of fresh goat cheese

½ clove of grated garlic

A spoon full of tomato comfit

A spoon full of dark honey

2 teaspoons of sweet red pepper powder

1 teaspoon of cayenne powder



20 dough cylinders made with filo dough

Corinth raisins macerated in sweet Malvasia




In a glass bowl, put the raisins and cover with the sweet Malvasia wine. Leave to macerate for two hours.

For the “Almogrote”

Grate the semi-cured cheese and mix together with the other ingredients until you have a smooth and homogenious dough.

To obtain a better result you can put the dough through a blender mixer at high speed for three minutes, obtaining a smother result.

Slightly paint over the filo dough with honey. Cut rectangles of aprox. 5×8 cm, approximately. Mould them into cylinder shapes and put them in the oven at 200ºC for between five and seven minutes, until they have a slight colour.

When they are ready to be served, with help of a pastry sleeve, fill them with the almogrote on both ends. To finish its presentation, put a few macerated raisins in each end.