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Why do I feel so thirsty? 


Feeling thirsty all the time and for no good reason isn’t normal and should be investigated by your GP.

Normally, feeling thirsty is the brain’s way of warning that you’re dehydrated because you’re not drinking the amount of fluid your body needs. You can soon quench your thirst and restore the fluid balance in your body after having a drink.

If thirst is excessive and persistent, it could be a sign of diabetes or another underlying health condition. Doctors often refer to abnormal thirst as ‘polydipsia’.

It’s worth thinking about what you’ve been eating and drinking recently. Eating more salty or spicy foods than normal can cause a sudden increase in thirst.

Thirst can also be caused by losing excessive amounts of water from the body. This can happen after intense exercise where water is lost through sweating or diarrhoea and vomiting.

A dry mouth or excessive thirst can sometimes be a side effect of certain types of medication, such as antidepressants, antihista-mines or diuretics (water tablets). These medicines can affect the salivary glands, leading to a reduction in the amount of saliva they produce.

If a particular medicine is causing your dry mouth, it may be possible to change to a different medicine or reduce your dose. Speak to your GP about this.

In women, feeling thirsty can also be one of the symptoms of pregnancy. This is because of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.

You should see your doctor if you feel thirsty all the time for no apparent reason or if you have additional problems such as extreme tiredness (fatigue) or passing a lot of urine. Your GP will probably carry out a blood glucose test to see whether you have diabetes.

It’s very important to drink plenty of water or other drinks (non-alcoholic) du-ring hot weather and while exercising or doing other types of strenuous physical activity.