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Spinach Tagliatelle with smoked items 



700gr of Spinach Tagliatelle

500gr courgettes ( if possible, small)

1 packet of various smoked items, around 200gr

1 chopped onion and celery

A bit of white wine for cooking

400grs of peeled and chopped tomatoes

A bit of chopped parsley and basil

3 teaspoons of oil

2l of cooking liquid cream

2 laurel leaves




This recipe will allow you enjoy the taste of the smoked items without paying a lot. We suggest you cook this on a cold night, accompanied by a young red wine.

In a pot, if possible big, put the onion and the celery to cook with the oil. Let it turn brown and then add the basil and parsley. Add a little bit of white wine and let it reduce.

You should now have washed and cut into small sheets the courgettes, so add them into the pot and cook them until they are cooked but still a bit consistent.

The tomatoes must be added once the courgettes are ready and then all is left to cook slowly for approximately 30 minutes.

On another pot you can start cooking the pasta, put them in the boiling water with the laurel and thyme.

When the pasta is ready, we take the water out and put the pasta into a bowl.

We add the liquid cream and the smoked items which we have previously cut into small pieces into the stir-fry. Leave to settle and then mix together with the pasta.

Be careful with the salt as the smoked items are already rich in salt.