|Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Slow divorces in the Canaries 


Contentious divorces in the Canary Islands are taking about ten months to complete, new figures have revealed.

This places the archipelago fifth on the list of autonomous regions for the slo-west processes, though in Castilla-La Mancha, it takes 12.8 months but just 2.7 months in La Rioja.

Contentious divorces in the Canaries account for around 40% of all cases, according to the General Council of the Judiciary. This is about the same as the rest of Spain.

Separations processes also take longer in the Canaries than in other regions, namely eleven and a half months. However, the archipelago is not the worst. In Navarra, these procedures last an average of 17.5 months while in the Balearics, Valencia and Catalonia, it is between a year and 15 months.

According to the CGPJ, living in Spain is crucial to obtaining a faster resolution. In the Canaries during 2012, there were 3,508 consensual divorces, 125 more than the previous year. There were 3,328 contested divorces, up from 3,180. There were only two annulments in 2012.