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A sport for all ages 


Bowls, bowling or flat green bowls, the game very popular in the UK and throughout the world, played with a jack and some bowls……….. it’s an “old man’s game” right? No, wrong.

It’s the analogy connected to my favourite sport. It is the picture most people conjure up in their mind when I speak to them about Bowls. It is far from being only an “old man’s game”.

My name is Graham and I am a 45 year old man who has played bowls since I was 11. Indeed, I was “throwing” bowls in the back garden or in my Gran’s living room, from when I was old enough to do so (her furniture laid testament to that). That would have been around the age of three or four when I had my own water filled, plastic set of bowls. It was encouraged in my family. My Dad and his whole family were heavily involved in the so called “The Sport of Kings”.

Before moving to Tenerife, my “bowling career” was spent in and around the Lanarkshire area of Scotland. Now living in Tenerife, I am the match secretary of Teide bowls club and help run Tenerife Green Bowls, both based in Winter Gardens, Golf del Sur.

I am also a fully qualified coach and get a “great buzz” out of promoting the sport of bowls, teaching people how to play it and playing a part in developing people as bowlers.

In 2012, I was lucky enough to be invited to trial for the Spanish National team and subsequently became a full International player for Spain, my adopted country. It is something I am very proud and privileged of. It has given me the opportunity of playing for Spain in several countries throughout Europe. Last year, I was also lucky enough to play for Spain in the World Championships in Adelaide, Australia. I have also been lucky enough to have been picked to play for Spain in the upcoming European Championships at the end of September. Thankfully there isn’t too much in the way of travelling for the Europeans this year as it is being held near Torrevieja, Spain.

Bowls is far from being an old man’s game. Many youngsters play the game all over the world. I am talking eight year old and up. It is however a sport that “older people” can and do play and play it against “young people” on a level footing. Indeed it is one of few sports where different ages AND sexes can play together and against one another on an equal footing.

Other analogy’s surrounding the sport of bowls is that it is “boring”. I don’t personally get that at all. Bowls can be a very exciting game. It can also, in the competitive side, be a very tactical game.

A lot of people, unfortunately, have negative views of bowls, mostly borne out of pre conceived ideas. In the coming weeks, I plan to expel some of those myths and answer some questions you may have about bowls.

I will also be brining you news about Teide Bowling Club, bowling events, competitions and information in general about bowls.

Who knows, I might even persuade a few of you to try playing the wonderful game.