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Tuna with boiled Mojo sauce and Gofio cakes 



For the tuna:

A clean tuna steak cut into 3×3 cubic squares

Olive oil

Red Mojo sauce

Bay leaf

Sea salt

Stir-fried onions turned into caramelised onions

Fresh thyme

Oregano or fresh Marjoram

Fish broth

Canarian potatoes


For the Gofio cakes

8 cooked potatoes

100gr of bacon

50 grms of dried figs

A few spoons of raisins


1 small onion

1 garlic clove

1 sprig of parsley

Some butter

Olive oil

Method for the tuna:

Put a pot with water to boil, add bay leaf and sea salt. When it starts to boil, put the tuna into the pot for one minute until the pieces turn white. Take out and keep to one side.

On another side put into a pot the Mojo Rojo broth which you make by adding the caramelised onions, a spoon of Mojo and a little bit of the fish broth. Then add the tuna and leave to cook slowly.


Method for the Gofio cakes:

Squash the boiled potatoes and cut the other ingredients into small pieces. Mix it all up with a few spoons of Gofio and add salt and pepper to taste.

Shape as if hamburgers and put them in a frying pan to warm them up. They are then ready to serve together with the tuna.