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Josa Comercial, a top name in the world of hair 


If you are in the world of cosmetics and hairdressing, JOSA Comercial is a name you should be aware of as it continues its success story in the Canary Islands.

Having built up an excellent reputation, Josa is the exclusive import distributor in the Canaries for the Carin hair cosmetics for hairdressers.

Josa Carin has been repre-sentative in Tenerife since 1980 and has about 1,000 business customers across the archipelago.

The company has its factory in Belgium, with a laboratory for the development of innovative products that provide a solution and genuine response to the needs of a changing market from the point of view of care, treatment and fashion trends. It manufac-tures and exports products suitable for hair types and treatment for people who live here in the Canaries with its exceptional climate and the impact that brings.

The company operates a distribution and sales programme through sales agents and distributors whose job is to take care of and pamper clients regularly and continuously. The Canaries are proud to be the official representative of the house of Josa Carin.

Josa Comercial also works with recognised market brands such as the Spanish company, Kuos who are dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of products, accessories and furniture for every need of the cosmetics and hairdressing world. Their work, experience and fortitude has enabled them to gain and maintain their position at the forefront of the market, offering the highest quality products and excellent service.

Kuos has a high qualified team which works closely with customers and also offers business, technical guidance and training. The Kuos facilities are spread over more than 5,000 square metres in two ultra-modern buildings with offices, production areas and storage. There is a large conference room with capacity for 200 people, four specialised training rooms and a large showroom for products.

Josa Comercial also works very closely with Wella. Turn the clocks back to the year of 1880, wigs and hair-pieces are the most fashionable items and stylist, Franz Ströhe at just 25 years of age is at the helm. He sets up and launches Tullemoid Waterproof, a revolutionary new product which sets and waterproofs wigs and becomes the best-selling product. In 1904, Ströher opens a factory in Rothenkirchen and creates a business which is based on two core values, vision and innovation.

Today, Wella is a company known worldwide and markets a variety of styling products through Line 1.

Jaguar too is a valued associate. The company has been operating since 1932 and specialises in professional hairdressing scissors and is one of the most esteemed businesses in the industry. Hairdressing professionals in more than 80 countries benefit from their work as they satisfy the need for the highest quality in their demanding job. The Jaguar range of scissors features all the attributes necessary to suit individual needs and preferences. This competence has allowed Jaguar to increase its success throughout the world and especially in Japan where Jaguar Finesse has been granted the accolade of “State Award for Function and Design”.

Jaguar has achieved success because of its innovation and high quality in high technology. It works in a unique way with elements in the design to help with micro-cutting, anti-allergies, thumb rotation and soft and smooth cutting. An advanced pro-duction technique and laser control ensures high-quality technology. The Friodur® offers a special cooling process at a low temperature which improves the structure of the steel and therefore improves scissor longevity and durability. It has multiple patents which is the best accolade and evidence of the innovative capacity of the company Jaguar.

Albiline is another major name with whom Josa works. This business has its roots in the company founded by Isaac Eskenazi in 1967. At first the company was dedicated to the manufacture of two products with its own patent, namely the short-hair comb Albi and Albi heated rollers.

The company and its products are widely known in the Spanish market and exported to many countries. It is currently managed by the second generation and specialises in personal care products. There is collaboration with manufacturers across the world to achieve products tailored to customers’ needs and the company’s policies allow greater flexibility to introduce new products. The aim is for constant improvements and communication with clients to always offer a better service and coverage of new markets.

If you are interested in the work of JOSA Comercial and would like to find out more about their products and services, they would be delighted to hear from you.

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