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Brothy rice with lobster 


This is a really delicious dish where the rice shares the spotlight with the lobster.


200 grams of rice

Two lobsters of 500 grams each

Four medium tomatoes, peeled

100 grams of onion

50 grams of piquillo pepper

One cup of Manzanilla (wine)

Two packets of Azafran

600 grams fish broth or Bouillabaisse




One cup of Majado (salt, parsley, garlic)



Poach the onions, pepper and peeled tomato which you have previously cut in squares.

Add the Manzanilla and reduce.

Top tip: If you cook the broth with the shells or legs of the lobster, this will reinforce the flavour. Remove these before you add the rice.

Add the rice and the Azafran and saute.

Soak with the broth and stir well.

When you see that the mixture is half cooked, put it into the oven.

When the rice is ready, add the “Majado and stir.

One minute before taking the dish out of the oven, put the lobster in and let it cook for another minute, then cover it and leave it to settle.

Before serving, slightly brush the lobsters with a bit of oil so they stand out in the dish and make it more eye-catching.