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What documents should I have with my car? 


Many people who buy a car whether it be new or second-hand do not know what documents they have or require. The most important are the cars documents i.e. the Permiso de Circulación and Ficha Técnica. Initially the Permiso de circulación will show the old owner´s name but normally you are provided with a copy. When a transfer is completed you will get a new Permiso showing your name.

You should also obtain and keep, but not necessarily in the car, the receipt for Impuesto de Rodaje (Road Taxes). In Spain although there is a legal obligation to pay these taxes annually there is no tax disc or similar to display in the car. In general if you are stopped by the police you would not be asked for this document. If however these taxes are outstanding then a transfer into the new owner´s name cannot be completed until they are paid as the Town Hall will advise Tráfico and put a “block” on any transfer thus ensuring that they get their money!

You should always obtain a factura or receipt for the money paid for the car. Garages will do this as a matter of course, but if buying from an individual/friend etc. it is still important to get a receipt showing the amount paid, date, registration number, make and model and both the buyer and the seller´s full names and addresses as well as NIE/DNI/CIF number. This can prove useful in the event that a transfer is not done or there are fines arising after the sale but before the transfer was completed.

It is always useful when buying privately to make sure that the forms are filled out at the time and that the seller keeps a copy of the Contract de Compra-Venta. Should a transfer not then be completed, the old owner can present a copy of this contract in Tráfico on what is known as a Notificación de Venta and this means that although a transfer has not been completed the buyer is absolved of any liability from the date the documents are presented in Tráfico.

If you require any further information on this or any other car related matters please contact me emma@motorworldtenerife.com or 629048529.