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The ITV inspection and related terminology 


Generally a new car is fine for four years when it would need to be taken for its first test. Unfortunately many main dealers do not explain this and some people get caught out not knowing that the car should have an ITV (equivalent to UK MOT) until a routine check by the police or a revision of some sort at your local garage.

When we refer to cars we are talking about those whose Ficha Técnica state their ” TIPO” ( type) as TURISMO. Smaller cars and family saloons and hatchbacks such as Citroen C1, C2, C3, Ford fiesta and focus, Peugeot 206, Fiat Panda etc are all classes as Turismo. Some multipurpose vehicles like a Renault Kangoo or Citroen Berlingo are normally termed as ” MIXTO ADAPTABLE” loosely translated as mixed use and require their first ITV at two years old.

Motorbikes, Quads and Three wheeled vehicles require an ITV after 4 years and thereafter its every two years. Scooters have their first ITV at three years and its every two years.

As mentioned above private vehicles (those up to 9 seats) and classed as TURISMO, motor homes and caravans  are due every four years. After this period it would be  every two years  until its 10th birthday and then annually.

Rent a car and Driving schools have their first ITV at two years and from two to five years of age it’s annual. After 5 years this drops to six monthly, part of the reason why most hire cars are sold when they reach their fifth birthday or thereabouts. If this type of car is sold to an individual at any time it will change its “service” from Alquiler (Rent) to Particular (private) and will then fall in line with the rules for the private vehicles. The Ficha Técnica will be noted with details showing the change of usage and when a transfer is done a change of usage must also be made in Trafico, of course there is a charge for this!

There are various ITV stations on the island both in the South at Adeje and San Miguel (Las Chafiras) and also in the North at Guimar (industral area) and El Rosario.

All ITVs should be booked although most stations will allow you to sit and wait without an appointment provided that they are not too busy. You may book an appointment on line at http://www.applusiteuve.com/es/Home or by calling the central number 902 932800.

The test is of course carried out in Spanish and if you are not a confident Spanish speaker you should either take a translator with you or arrange for a garage to do this on your behalf. Sometimes you will receive a reminder through the post but in the vast majority of cases this does not happen. Recently the ITV station have adopted the ” text message reminder system ” used by hospitals and other institutions and no doubt in years to come this will be the way forward and perhaps e-mail will also be used. We can only hope!