|Friday, July 3, 2020
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News from Accion del Sol 


It was another very busy day at the refuge on July 19th with a visit from children from the summer vacational camp in Vilaflor.

This was their first visit to the centre. The youngsters spent the day seeing the day to day running of the refuge as well as learning how to care for the dogs, followed by a play session with some of the many puppies and dogs.

August will again see a group of 12 pupils arrive from Germany to spend part of their vacation at the refuge learning all about animal welfare in a foreign country. This will be a good learning curve for the children who are all thinking about having future careers with animals.

Accion del Sol’s “edu-cational” programme aimed at school children and students of all levels is extremely popular with more and more schools and colleges requesting visits to the refuge. Hopefully by working together with the children, animals’ lives will be greatly improved by the children having a better knowledge and under-standing of their pets’ needs.

The Director of Accion del Sol, which is the Centre for Animal Protection and environment of Tenerife, has asked me to remind everybody that the refuge works solely with authorised municipalities which are Granadilla, Arona and Guia De Isora and that dogs can only be brought to the refuge by Protection Civil or the police with the necessary documentation. If you do find a dog in those munic-ipalities, then please follow the correct procedure and call 112. Collection of the dog will be arranged by the local police who will inform Protection Civil to collect the dog and take it to Accion del Sol where the dog will immediately receive me-dical care/ treatment, defleeing, worming, castrated/sterilised, microchipped, receive the necessary injections including rabies and issued with its passport. If the dog is microchipped, then the owner will be contacted and the dog returned or the owner prose-cuted if the dog has been abandoned or ill treated. If you really want to help the situation here in Tenerife, then we all need to work in a legal and correct way.

Please remember now that summer is here so never leave your dog in a parked car. The temperatures can reach over 150 F (66 C). Heat stroke or death can result in a very short space of time. It is a common error to believe that leaving a window partly open will eliminate prob-lems with heat.

If your dog becomes ill, you should seek veterinary assistance immediately. However, first cool the dog by using cold water, either with towels soaked in cool (not cold) water, using a hose or even a cool bath. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation. Ice packs or cool towels can be applied to the dog’s chest, neck and head areas (only). You can give them sips of cool water or a few licks on ice cubes. A trip to the vet could save your dog’s life.

Avoid walking or leaving your dog on hot surfaces such as sidewalks, asphalt or sand. These tend to reflect heat and also may burn the paws. It is better to walk your dog in the morning or evenings to avoid the hottest parts of the day.

Please call 922778630 for more information or if you would like to help out in any way. Towels and blankets are always needed for the dogs if you have any to spare. They would be very much appreciated by our four legged friends. The refuge is situated at Poligono De Industrial Estate, Granadilla, Exit 51 on the TF1, directly next to ITER the Parque Eolica where the windmills are and it is open to the public Monday – Friday 3-6pm