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Giving your dog ear medication 


The earflap is only part of your dog’s ear. The hearing apparatus is inside the head, at the end of an L-shaped tube (the “ear canal”), which connects it to the outside. This tube starts at the base of the flap where it attaches to the head, runs vertically down the side of the head and then turns sharply inwards.

When cleaning the ears or applying medication, it can be helpful to have an assistant who can hold a treat in a closed hand so that your dog can sniff or lick at it whilst you are doing the treatment. This can then be given to your pet as a reward for staying still for the treatment.

Have the cotton wool or tissue and the medication ready with the lid off.

Lift the earflap with your left hand if you are right handed and find the opening of the ear canal.

With your right hand put the quantity directed on the label into this opening. Put down the bottle but keep hold of the flap.

Feel for the ear tube running down the side of the head and use your finger and thumb to gently massage the medi-cation down the tube. Wipe away any wax or excess medi-cation that emerges.

Release the earflap – your pet will shake his head

Remember to give a reward!