|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Get rid of the PRs 


Dear Editor

On the front page of your summer edition, you had a headline saying “PRs are a nuisance”. We could not agree more.

Okay, it might not be fair to tarnish them all with the same brush but generally speaking, they are exactly that. A nuisance!

In fact, we think that rather than being successful, they put people off. That is our experience at least.

We absolutely hate being approached by restaurant PRs and wonder why they are necessary in the first place UNLESS a particular restaurant happens to be hidden from view and worth visiting. But if you walk along the beach-front of Los Cristianos or Fanabe, for example, there are restaurants after restaurants, literally next door to each other but each with their own PR all vying for your trade.

Do they think we don’t know how to make up our own minds where to eat? Do they think we can’t read the menu for ourselves? And if they have a special offer to tempt us in, do they have to tell us about it? Why can’t they just put it on the display board?

When we look for a restaurant, we like to stop at the menu and read it to see if something catches our eye. Sometimes, we might like to stand there for five minutes or so discussing it. We don’t want to be pounced on by a PR who only repeats what we are reading. This really annoys us to the extent that we walk away and don’t bother to go inside. Job done? We don’t think so.

Even worse is when a PR becomes aggressive or abusive and this has happened to us. Some of them just insist on following you down the promenade and one this week shouted at us in quite a nasty tone along the lines of “why don’t you want to come in to my restaurant?”   The answer is because of you!

We suppose it would just be acceptable if a PR gave you a mini version of their menu so you could take it away with you and perhaps have a read over the menu.

For us, however, the very best advertisement for a good restaurant is to have a full one and you get this by offering good food at a good price, with decent service, not a rip-off one, and good-priced drinks. Forget the PRs!

Fed-up holidaymakers

Name and address supplied