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Frequently asked questions 


Q. I have an occasional starting trouble in my Ford Fiesta Mk5. It has the 1.8 D engine and is about 10 years old and done around 110,000km. Symptoms: It starts on the first crank- as good as new.  Or…It doesn’t start. The engine keeps on spinning, and the sound is like no diesel is getting into the engine. Then in the second try, it starts instantly: there is no excessive smoke and no irregular idling of the engine. There is a diesel leak on injector number 4 from the diesel return pipe. Could this cause diesel to return to the tank? Even if it does, continuous cranking should start the engine but it doesn´t; engine just turns over with no diesel.  I already changed the diesel pump solenoid.

A. Sounds as though you have air getting into the system, the fact that you have no smoke on eventual start up would indicate that no fuel is reaching the engine when it won’t start. I would have suspected the fuel solenoid but as you have changed it that is unlikely. Have you checked for voltage on the solenoid when it won’t start? The leaking return pipe could be allowing air to enter the system. If you put a section of clear pipe where the fuel enters the pump you can check for air bubbles.